Parts Zone fully upholds the warranty policies of the respective manufacturers of the products or goods sold through our site. As such, Parts Zone does not provide any additional guarantees of performance or durability beyond the quality standards established by the manufacturer. Typically, a defective part(s) that meets the warranty criteria of its manufacturer will either be repaired or replaced in kind by the manufacturer at no cost to the consumer as long as it falls within an established warranty period. However, Parts Zone does reserve the right to refund the consumer the original purchase price of the product if an appropriate replacement or repairs are not available.

Limited Warranty: Unless otherwise expressly stated, all products come with a “Limited Warranty” that solely covers defects in materials or engineering that violate the guarantees or assurances of quality control established by the manufacturer. Hence, products that have been compromised as a result of abuse, misuse, modification, improper installation, or the failure of another part are not covered.

Warranty Replacement: Warranties offer only replacement of the defective part with another part: no cash refunds and no reimbursement of labor costs, shipping costs or other expenses
Warranty Duration: The warranty period of a product or good sold by Parts Zone is established by the manufacturer and begins on the date of purchase. This duration typically varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Non-Transferable: The limited warranty of a product is non-transferable and is extended only to the original consumer on providing proof of purchase (i.e. the original invoice).
Commercial or Performance Use: The warranty period for a part designated for commercial vehicles comprises no more than 30 days from the date of purchase, and thus falls outside the scope of the limited warranty provided by the manufacturer. Products installed for performance or off-road use invariably void the manufacturer’s limited warranty.
The customer is encouraged to consult the manufacturer's website for the most definitive and up-to-date information regarding the terms and conditions relating to the warranty of a specific part.